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Teaching - Coaching - Mentorship

While teaching can mean many things, it typically involves the presentation of information for the student to absorb, understand, and integrate into their work. GC Prep's educational videos are designed to teach you what you need to know in your application journey and help you mentally pull all the pieces together to be successful.

Coaching is a more focused, interactive experience. Your genetic counselor coach will meet with you individually or in small groups to give specific feedback and help you take what you've learned in videos to the next level. Your coaching sessions are where you can practice, experiment, and delve deeper into your understanding of genetic topics and application strategies.

Mentorship seeks long-term growth.  An applicant, student, or new grad can heavily benefit from developing a sustained, trusting relationship with a genetic counseling mentor. Mentorship may cover similar topics as one-time coaching sessions but is often much deeper and comprehensive in the support, encouragement, and guidance provided to the mentee. Mentorship is often recommended not only for GC applicants, but current students navigating the challenges of graduate school, new graduates managing their first jobs and approaching boards, and even established counselors looking for a job or specialty change. 

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