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Free Resources
This is a living list of additional supplemental materials you can read, listen to, or watch to give you knowledge of the field of genetic counseling in greater depth, help you develop insightful questions to ask during interviews, and to inform you of current issues in the field. Additional content will be regularly added.

Finger on the Pulse

  • Find programs that work with your budget, credentials, and learning preferences with our FREE interactive map! This map allow you to search by region, class size, rotation type, and many other factors. GPA not excellent? Definitely need scholarships? This map will save you time as you investigate programs that will be right for you. Explore the map here: 


  • NSGC PODCAST SERIES - Stay up to date on current events in the field of genetic counseling, issues within the professional society, and podcasts on genetics and psychosocial counseling topics.


  • DNA TODAY PODCASTS - Voted Best Podcast in Science and Medicine in 2020, 2021, 2022 (and counting!) this podcast is an excellent way to expand your knowledge of current events in genetics and genomics. Listen to GC Prep's episodes (#193 and #194) with Kira, and other episodes on application advice (#87, #97, #101, #155). Follow DNA Today on social media as they occasionally offer coaching raffles and more. Listen at



Diversity Resources

  • WEBINAR - Beyond the Binary: Gender diversity in genetic counseling

    • Webinar presented by two queer counselors about gender and sex terminology, strategies to increase gender inclusion in GC sessions, and highlighting how to create safe spaces for patients who identify as gender diverse and/or LGBTQ+.   




  • MINORITY RACE COACHING - The Minority Genetics Professionals Network (MGPN) is a group of racially diverse genetic counselors, geneticists, and other medical professions in genetics. Their goal is to increase awareness of the genetics field to students to improve representation in the field. They offer mentorship for students and counselors of color.   



Other Application Resources

  • The Applicant’s Utility Guide - Coaching services offered by a current counseling student. Services include recurring coaching sessions, writing workshops, mock interviews, and journal club.                                                                                                 

  • A Caffeinated Genetic Counselor - A blog by a recent graduate regarding the application process.                                     


  • Prospective GC Guidance Program - Will provide you with an opportunity to talk to a genetic counselor directly and receive some mentoring. Available seasonally. Free, but you have to have seriously attempted to reach GCs on your own before applying.         

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