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Interactive Program Map

This map provides a summary of pertinent data about each North American program.  It is designed to give you a quick way to compare schools that you may be interested in. You can search by country, state, or region. You can search for new programs, small class size, estimated cost, rotation travel, remote degree, and more! Play around and keep an open mind!  I recommend investigating about twice as many schools as you wish to apply for and picking your favorites after doing a deep dive through the program's website!

So, now you know each program's metrics, how do you know what would be best for you and your learning needs?

We cover that in module 2!

Costs listed are for the entire program and an approximation based on each school's website.

This data is updated every year and is pulled from each programs' website, but doing your own research on any school you are interested in via their own site is highly recommended as programs may change their site/data at any time without informing GC Prep. Do not make decisions based on this map or information alone.

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