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How to Use Our Resources

First, let's just acknowledge that the flowcharts below get intense and look overwhelming. We know this. Since the application process is inherently complicated, so is the decision tree we've made. However, we developed these flowcharts because each of you will be at a different stage of preparation and in need of different support. Historically, we have appreciated getting a broad overview of what is available to us when making decisions and these charts can do the same for you.

If you're starting at the very beginning, take a look at the Recommended Process for Application Help chart. It's simple and as you work your way through the videos, you'll be in great shape for personal coaching if you want it.

If you're in the middle of the application process, take a look at the How Do I Know What Help I Need? chart. It's more complex, but follow the flow arrows to find where you are. You'll get guidance on what your next steps should be!

Basic Process.png
Flow Chart for GC Prep Help.png
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