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Does GC Prep Work?

YES! We saw greatly improved matching rates from candidates who engaged in GC Prep services. The diagram above displays the general impact of different services while the table below summarizes the data from the 2022 application cycle. "All Coaching Services" means educational videos, small groups, coaching, and mentoring. Book club and webinar attendance were not included in these metrics.


Overall, 56.5% of applicants who interacted with GC Prep coaching services/materials in some way were matched to a program, significantly better than the nationally predicted 26% match rate for candidates who did not receive services. 

The content of educational videos alone provided approximately a 14% increase in the likelihood of matching, though the greatest increase in the chance of matching was seen for individuals who elected the videos AND in-person services together.

Small group coaching session participation showed the largest increase in the chance of matching and the low cost allowed applicants to attend multiple small groups on various topics for the same price as an individual session. 

Typically, about 51% of candidates who submit applications will be offered interviews. With GC Prep standard or premium application document reviews, 100% of candidates received at least one interview invitation. The chances of matching significantly increased after these services, especially when a Premium review was selected.

With Mock Interviews, a one-time premium session with a program director did increase the chance of matching, but a standard session did not. We found that a one hour mock interview session was enough time to begin to identify some places to improve and to point out some strengths, but it was NOT enough time for applicants to practice improving their skills. Applications who had a mock interview were offered the option to roll their session into a Limited Series Mentorship package of 3-6 sessions dedicated to interview prep. Of those who chose this limited series, 87.5% matched compared to the expected 51%.

Please note that our N value for All Services data and Educational Video data was above 30 individuals, but for other metrics, the N was lower indicating less statistical reliability. We will continue to reevaluate the effectiveness of our programs and report data as more individuals use our services. Those with questions may contact

Chance of Matching.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 11.16.02 AM.png

*Assumes that underrepresented applicants are accepted at an equal rate to white middle-class applications, which is very likely false, but more specific acceptance data has not been published at this time.

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