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Why GC Prep?

Why GC Prep?

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One-time Coaching

Have questions? Want to review your application documents? Need a mock interview? Standard and premium (with a program director) services are available.

Limited Series Mentorship

Need more than one session to succeed? Limited Series of 3, 4 or 6 sessions are available specifically for document review or mock interviewing.

Small Group Sessions

Limited to 6 people session, small groups allow the participants the benefit of individual attention...on a budget. Groups for applicants, current students, and new grads available.

Long-term Mentorship

Our GCs are also certified life coaches. Take a holistic approach to your application journey with coaching on confidence, finding your strengths, building your CV, in addition to working on your application essays and interviewing skills.

Book Club

A free and easy way to add to your CV. While we encourage you to read some.part of the book, all are welcome to join the discussion of topics in genetic counseling.

Board Exam Coaching

The Board exam is vicious, but you don't have to do it alone. Our coaching will help you stay on track, clarify confusing content, and help you pass this final step to counselorhood.

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